Live Music at Hoffer's

Guitarist Mark Augustin brings together top-flight local professional musicians to play the blues, fusion, rock and jazz on Hoffer's intimate patio every Saturday night from 7:30 to 10:00 PM. The lineup changes every week and no two weeks are ever the same. There is a small music fee for the patio when the music is playing. Only 40 seats don't be late!!

Note: Music on the patio is on winter hiatus. Keep an eye on the Hoffer's Facebook page or get on Hoffer's mailing list to be notified when the weather warms up and the music returns to the patio.

Watch your email inbox for announcements about each week's lineup. You can also check the Hoffer's Facebook page for weekly updates about upcoming shows.

Beer, wine, cigars, and live music on a Saturday night what more could you ask for?

Click on the image below to enjoy past performances on Hoffer's Live Music YouTube video channel.

To stay informed about future performances, please do one or more of the following:

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